Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 22, 2017 "Heaven Would Not Be Heaven"

An appreciation for the temple endowment and the sealing ordinances will bring the members of our families closer together, and there will be quickened within each family member a desire to make available these same blessings to our loved ones who have gone beyond. We will come to say with George Eliot, "I desire no future that would break the ties of the past, for heaven would not be heaven without family and friends."

 Boise Temple
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 Moving day for senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Tafua, as they prepare to return home to Yuba City, CA from Fairfield, ID

 We had a trailer full of furniture to unload. Who are we going to call?
Amity Zone on their Preparation Day!
 Loved this sign in front of a family garden plot
 Brent and Marjorie Bevans, from Canada, and special friends from our first mission in Florida decided to surprise us with a visit

The Florida Orlando Missionary Reunion in Draper, Utah, the Friday before General Conference-

 Who knew these returned missionaries had first names? Thank goodness for name tags!
 (Sister)Erica Pitts Flood married Assistant to the President, Elder Patrick Flood, and now they have a baby daughter, Olive
 Alyssa Bowman and Louis and Sue Gebs
 FOM Senior Missionaries, Wally Western, Chris and Elaine Johnson and Beth Berry
 Just two of "our girls"
 Past FOM Office couples, the Gebs, Gordon's, us and Mission President's wife, Beth Berry
Mission Leadership Council April 4, 2017
The following weekend we scheduled a brief visit to California to spend time with family, have some fun in the sun, and celebrate our grand daughter, Lily's blessing
 Wade, Jake, Sam, Steve, Jill, Josh and Elder Busath
 Jake, Mason, Steve, Elder Busath, Josh and Lucas
 On your mark, get set, go...
 Our two pregnant daughters, Sam and Katie and grandson, Mason
 Our Mom, Dorothy Holbrook Busath, who celebrated her 91st birthday recently 
holding her 65th or 66th great grandchild
 4 Generations
 The Gibson Chance Family  
  The Bacchus Family
 The Peterson family
 If April showers bring May flowers. What do April snow flurries bring?
Sister Missionaries assigned to Hagerman, ID

April 12th Transfers
Assistants to the President, Elder Udall and Elder Burns (new)
                       Four new missionaries fresh from the Provo, UT Mission Training Center
  It's Easter time...
 Shelby and Jett  hunting for eggs
 Megan, Kahlen and Dax
 Kahlen on her first Easter
 Shelby and Sienna
 William, Lily, Charles and Thomas
 Sienna, Kahlen and Shelby
 Grandpa and Wade comparing blow fish faces
 Obedient missionaries reported excess or damaged furniture and we responded by traveling the mission over, picking up furniture and distributing it as needed.
 More missionary cars headed to Utah to be sold

 Sister Busath's great grandfather, Wood Armstrong Porter's headstone, buried at the beautiful Canyon Hills Cemetery in Caldwell, ID just a few short miles from us.

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Our Father’s plan is about families, symbolized by a great tree. For a tree to live and grow, it needs both roots and branches. We likewise need to be connected to our roots—our parents, grandparents, and other ancestors—as well as to our branches—our children, grandchildren, and other descendants.

Never forget that family history—and the temple ordinances enabled by it—is an essential part of the work of salvation and that participation in this sacred work for the dead blesses the lives of the living. It strengthens our faith in and commitment to the gospel, helps us resist temptation, draws our families closer together, and strengthens our wards and stakes.

Heaven would not be heaven without you, our family and friends!!!