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October 30, 2016 The heavenly virtue of patience

Disclaimer-please be advised that I have become a slacker recently so I have not updated our Blog in the past few weeks. As a result I have included numerous pictures of personal events with very little narrative. Basically the pictures will have to speak for themselves. 
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"Life is full of difficulties, some minor and others of a more serious nature. there seems to be an unending supply of challenges for one and all. Our problem is that we (me) often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges, forgetting the heavenly virtue of patience is required.
The counsel heard in our youth is still applicable today and should be heeded. "Hold your horses," "Keep your shirt on<" "Slow down," "Don"t be in such a hurry," "Follow the rules," "Be careful" are more than trite expressions.  They describe sincere counsel and speak the wisdom of experience."
President Thomas S. Monson
The Mission's new home for bikes awaiting assignment.
 Elders Mouser and Solomon live in the VISA Waiter apartment.  
It is our fall back house when we are in need of temporary housing. 
The problem is that oftentimes it becomes a repository of unclaimed property needing a home. Fortunately for us the Elders were able to identify the surplus and we were on our way to Deseret Industries to share the treasures with those who would appreciate them.

Jill, Mason and Jackson, our dare devils.
 A spooktacular pumpkin patch in Manteca, CA
 Kahlen and Mom Halloween "boo"ties
We had the opportunity to make a quick trip to California for doctor appointments and of course spend some time with our grandchildren.
 A thoughtful gesture from our oldest daughter, Andi.

 We recently attended the Boise State vs BYU football game at Boise State. 
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 "You've got a friend in me"-Wade helping out his cousin Kahlen.
 The Mission storage unit is looking even better now that we have divided the spoils between Boise and Twin Falls.


 Missionary housing in Oakley, ID
Missionary housing is difficult to find no matter where you look. 
However, we were lucky enough to have members offer living quarters on the second floor of a three story house built in 1904. It was originally built to house General Authorities as they passed through Idaho while on assignment.
 One of the first churches built in Oakley, ID around 1900. Now condemned.

 More missionary housing-this time in Albion, ID

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 Getting ready for Halloween in Rupert, ID

Halloween festivities at our house while the Esslinger's patiently wait for their new home, pictured below, to be completed.
The Esslinger's new home!                       Crazy hair day at school.
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Sienna and Shelby, Idaho super heroes!
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Until we meet again...
October departing missionaries
Elder Spitler, Elder Madsen, Elder VanLeeuwen, Elder Hatch, Sister Haws, Sister Sioeli

They are finally here!!!
Twenty five brand new missionaries reported to the 
Idaho Boise Mission on Wednesday, October 26th.
Dinner at the Boise State Institute then transfers the next day.
 The Rupert Zone Leaders home.

 A new home for the Elders in Rupert, ID
 When you're helping we're happy...Rupert Elders Hodge, Gutierrez, Lundquist and Brisson.

 The Elders home away from home in Malta, ID

The four Elders in Malta needed to divide to conquer their vast area. 
They found a perfect housing solution (rare)and moved in almost immediately.
 We were invited to co-chair our wards Halloween chili cook-off and family dance. 
It was a howling success!

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