Sunday, January 25, 2015

The bad news is time flies, the good news is you're the pilot

 Tick, tick, tick, tick...
Sister Berry likes to say that happy feet are busy feet.
With only 9 more days left on our mission our happy feet are running like crazy to try and get everything done.
Elder and Sister Spencer prove that two heads are always better than one!
 Nathan Collings-FOM recently returned missionary just stopped by to say "Hi".
Tayla Salvesen and Dallin Garvin-more FOM returned missionaries
who also stopped by to give us an update on life after missions.

 Big Bertha, the Mission's large gray 15 passenger van, recently ran out of her designated miles and was recently replaced by Moby-the great white...
Elder Pinate has been serving as a temporary missionary in the Florida Orlando Mission for the past three months to get a true sense of missionary life. On Friday he received his official mission call to the Washington Vancouver Mission.
Bright and early Friday morning we met at Uncle Bob's Storage with our favorite "moving crew"; the Elders assigned to the Hunters Creek North, Elder Bagshaw and Elder Jackson,  the Wetherbee Young Single Adult area, Elder Hemsley and Elder Thompson and the Elders assigned to the Hunter's Creek Spanish area, Elder Stewart and Elder Ogleby.  Their assignment was to help us load up the truck and trailer with furnishing for our recently arrived Senior Sister Missionaries and then to help us close down an apartment.
Sister Bean helped to organize the kitchen in the Sisters new apartment in the Colonial Glen Apartment Complex where five other Senior Companionships reside.

The Elders "taking 5" as they catch their breath and prepare to head out and help close down the Lake Nona Spanish Sisters apartment.

Senior Sister Missionaries, Sister Johnson and Sister Walker in their new home
 (It seems that the Hyundai Sonata is the car of choice for Senior Missionaries)
 In the process of moving the Sisters in we took the opportunity to switch out Elder and Sister Johnson's small leather couch to prepare for the arrival of Elder and Sister Bird, due the middle of February, and basically to reassign the small couch to a young missionary apartment we are opening on Monday.
Obviously practice makes perfect, because it didn't take any time at all to empty the Lake Nona Spanish Sisters apartment, thanks to our hard working crew.
 A thank you lunch at the local Taco Bell for a job well done!

Many hands really do make light work!  Because of the efforts of the young Sister Missionaries who once lived at the Lake Nona apartment, the two Senior Sister Missionaries who packed up the apartment, the young Elders who helped empty the apartment and the three Senior Missionary "cleaning crew" who came back to tie up a few loose ends the apartment was now officially closed.  

On Friday morning we had the opportunity to attend the 7:30 Temple session with the 15 missionaries (and their companions) who will be departing on Wednesday.

Elder Chris and Sister Elaine Johnson, due to depart the 13th of February after serving for 12 months in the Employment Resource Center.
   Kodak Moments at the Temple
 Elders Bailey, Dearden and Agor-Spanish speaking missionaries were actually in the MTC the same time we were.
Sister Maria Hernandez
 Sister Amanda Damato
 Sister Summer Owens
 Elder Michael Metcalf
 President and Sister Berry with Sister Makaela Stevens
Sister Toree Jensen
 Elder Wesley Jones-not departing quite yet, but he didn't want to be left out :0 
It was discovered during the course of our numerous experiences with Elder Jones that he and Elder Busath are both big Clint Eastwood movie fans.

 Elders Yates, Peacock and Harman lending a hand as we pick up an extra bed, desk and chair from the Olympia apartment Saturday and prepare to deliver it to the Ocoee North apartment to set up for a tri companionship.

Ocoee North area Elders, Armijo and Pelo, on the receiving end of the delivery of the bed, desk, and chairs in preparation for a third companion.

The Poinciana Chapel 
Today is our last Sunday in the Poinciana Branch :( 
We have met some amazing people and made some forever friends.
It's hard to put into words the feelings we have as we close this chapter and make ready for the next chapter in our lives.  It has been an honor and privilege to serve with the wonderful members of the Poinciana Branch and one we will cherish forever-
thank you for the memories!
 Just waiting for our weekly Branch Council Meeting to commence
bright and early Sunday morning.
The Poinciana Branch Presidency,
Brother Julio Cruz, President Justo Quispe, and Brother Joseph Hamilton
 Suzanne Fritz, renown Seminary Teacher, Sunday School teacher, Human Resource person at Disney World and a good friend-but not necessarily in the order
Sister Sylvesta Sealy, good friend and personal fashion consultant.
 The Poinciana Branch Primary Presidency,
Veniece Dudley, Michelle Gager, President Alicia Howse and Cristina Bellido
It's going to be another busy week next week as we plan to open up a new area and apartment in Winter Park; prepare to welcome 8 new missionaries (6 Elders, 2 Sisters) and two Taiwan Visa Waiters; attend transfer meeting and host a special departure dinner for 32; say good bye to 15 well loved missionaries and close down the College Park North Sisters  apartment, the Lake Crescent Elders apartment and the St. Cloud Elders house, but we wouldn't have it any other way!