Monday, April 15, 2013

Our first official alligator sighting

Just when we thought it was safe to walk near the water, we actually spotted a real live alligator near the Mission President's pond around the corner!  Of course he was just a teenager, or so I am told, but an alligator is an alligator, right? Fortunately his dad was nowhere to be found or these pictures would be even harder to see.

The fun just never ends here in the Wild Kingdom :)


  1. Sienna loves the alligator! We can't wait to see the big ones!

  2. Wow! Welcome to the southland, eh? Here in Houston we've seen armadillo, possum, 'coon and vulchers (in fact one has sat dead for over a week about a block from us), there's talk of a wild pig nearby and last year we had a coral snake loose in the neighborhood so we had to keep the kids in for a couple of days. No alligators yet though. --Megan Smith

  3. They didn't include alligator wrestling in the mission training. I thought since you were sent to Florida that would be standard.