Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Our friends see the best in us, and that very fact calls forth the best from us." -- Black

 "One whose grip is a little tighter,
One whose smile is a little brighter,
One whose deeds are a little whiter,
That's what we call a friend."
 Our Senior Missionary friends decided to humor us and join us at Smash Burgers in the Waterford Lakes area before our District Meeting.

A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same!
 January birthday girls, Sister Hanson and Sister Boynton
Real friends are those who,
when you've made a fool out of yourself,
don't feel like you have done a permanent job.
Guess where we got to go on Wednesday,
thanks to the generosity of our good friends Scott and Sharon Bingham?
(The Bingham's once lived in the Poinciana Branch, we became fast friends, then moved to Brigham City Utah and we miss them like crazy.)
"One when you've gone will miss you sadly,
One who'll welcome you back again gladly,
One who though angered will not speak madly,
That's what we call a friend."
  We expected Animal Kingdom to be very much like the San Diego Zoo,
were we ever surprised?
It is like California's Magic Kingdom and the San Diego Zoo all rolled into one.
 Not lions and tigers and bears, but hippo's,
 and elephants...
 An upside down tree
 Florida really does have pink flamingos!
They just live at Gatorland and at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
 On the Kilimanjaro Safari adventure we rode in a big truck and had the opportunity to see animals up close and personal in their natural habitat.


 Festival of the Lion King

Flights of Wonder
 Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
Elder Busath actually rode this speeding train through the Himalayan mountains. 
He didn't like it, and had his eyes closed the whole time, but was a good sport about it.


 Beauty and the Beast-live on stage

"One whose thoughts are a little cleaner,
One whose mind is a little keener,
One who avoids those things that are meaner,
That's what we call a friend."
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
 The Muppets

 Yes even a Tower of Terror! 
We have been told that it is a much milder version in Florida,
but our time was limited so we didn't stop to check for ourselves.

Visiting two Disney World's in one day can be done, it just takes a lot of planning and there is no stopping for food, water or anything not absolutely essential :)  

 As a result of fewer sisters coming out to serve in Orlando the College Park Central sisters, Sister Grosland and Sister Horrocks, were moving from a three bedroom apartment, where two companionships once resided, to a one bedroom apartment.

With a little help from their friends, Sister Sparks and Sister Crowley, the old apartment was emptied in minutes and because they had cleaned before we arrived it was a matter of just turning out the lights and locking the door-priceless!
Of course without the help of Elders Robert, Donnelly, Vaifanua, and Oxborrow
to do the heavy lifting it would have taken much, much longer!

 Sisters Sparks and Crowley, helping Sisters Horrocks and Grosland
to get settled in their new apartment.
"One who'll lend as quick as he'll borrow,
One who's the same today and tomorrow,
One who will share your joy and sorrow,
That's what we call a friend."

 The Mission recently took possession of a brand new Dodge Caravan, with all the bells and whistles. Our white minivan was aging and the number of miles on the road had earned it a well deserved retirement.
 Our large storage unit at Uncle Bob's was bursting at the seams and we still had five more apartments to close down before the end of January. What should we do??? We called the Hunter's Creek missionaries for help and Elders Bagshaw, Stewart, Jackson and Oglesby came a running.
 We had to be very selective in what we could keep, what we would donate to our friends at the secondhand store, what would go to Good Will and this desk simply didn't make the cut.

 Our heroes, Elder Stewart, Elder Oglesby, Elder Jackson and Elder Bagshaw. 
We are not sure what we would do without them!

Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives, and remembering what one receives.


 The Elders apartment in the Semoran area was next on our list to close. 
We had asked Elders Jacobsen and Jones to pack up and clean the apartment prior to transfers in mid December and we were hoping that they did as they were asked. 
Well we needn't have worried. 
Missionaries in the Florida Orlando Mission are 100% obedient-(most of the time). 
It was so nice to just walk in and find the apartment all packed up and clean so all we had to do was to carry the furnishings down to the trailer, do a quick spot clean and drive away!
"One who's been fine when life seemed rotten,
One whose ideals you have not forgotten,
One who has given you more than he's gotten,
That's what we call a friend."
John Burroughs

What a week it has been and we wouldn't have changed a thing!
Thanks for stopping by!  See you later..

Y? Because we love you..


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