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January 31, 2014 And so it begins...

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Our first official day as full time missionaries in the Idaho Boise Mission (IBM) Office!
 Tebow is patiently waiting as we prepare to head out on our 12 mile drive to the office.
 The Idaho Boise Mission Office is located in a Stake Center, (large church meetinghouse), right next door to the Boise Temple.  If you look closely you can actually see the angel Moroni statue high in the sky just behind the pitch of the roof.
It is scary being the "new kids on the block" once again, so we take comfort in knowing, that if we are humble and teachable, the Holy Ghost will prompt us to improve and lead us, but we need to ask the Lord for directions along the way.
 Our Mission President John Q. Winder and his wife, Sister Arliss Winder, 
from South Jordan, Utah
 Office couple, Sister Heidi and Elder Glenn Hodgkin-Amazing!
Sister Sheri and Elder Von Soresnson, the office couple we will be replacing,
 if that were even possible!

The journey of discipleship is not an easy one. It has been called a “course of steady improvement.”As we travel along that strait and narrow path, the Spirit continually challenges us to be better and to climb higher. The Holy Ghost makes an ideal traveling companion.
Tebow, always willing to lend a hand, has discovered as we have, that many of the processes in the office are much the same as they were in the Florida Orlando Mission Office, and many are very, very different :0

We have to admit that when we first arrived we were feeling very confident,
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but by the end of the day we were humbled and filled with questions.

When we face challenges we need to ask the Lord for directions along the way. We have to ask some difficult questions, like “What do I need to change?” “How can I improve?” “What weakness needs strengthening?”

 Elder Busath, with his trusty carpet cleaner, ready to work his magic 
on a missionary home in need.
As we stated previously, some things never change.  
Like receiving a frantic phone call stating that the Elders had accidentally spilled milk on their carpet and they needed our assistance.
Obviously we all have much to learn.

The Holy Ghost doesn’t tell us to improve everything at once. If He did, we would become discouraged and give up. The Spirit works with us at our own speed, one step at a time, or as the Lord has taught, “line upon line, precept upon precept, … and blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, … for unto him that receiveth I will give more.

 We got mail! Forwarded to the Mission Office from the MTC!
It's nice to know that our grandkids are still thinking about us 
even while on a fun family vacation.
Thanks Bacchus family!!!
 Speaking of of the best things about serving a local mission is that we sometimes get the opportunity to attend sports events of our Idaho grandkids. While Dax and Jett were up skiing with their Dad we got to spend the afternoon with our daughter, Andi, and watch Cale,show off some fancy foot work playing fusbol, and then shoot some hoops playing basketball on crazy sock day, all in the same afternoon.
Life is good!
As Elder David A. Bednar, an Apostle of the Lord, once observed: “Most of us clearly understand that the Atonement (the sacrifice the Savior, Jesus Christ, made to pay for our sins so that we may all be reconciled to God) is for sinners. I am not so sure, however, that we know and understand that the Atonement is also for saints—for good men and women who are obedient, worthy, and conscientious and who are striving to become better." 

Once in a while, we all need to, 
Humbly ask the Lord the following question: “What is keeping me from progressing?” 
Then wait quietly for a response. If you are sincere, the answer will soon become clear. It will be revelation intended just for you.

Our Bainbridge Ward church building in Meridian, Idaho early this morning.  
It was 25 degrees outside, foggy, with a sprinkling of snow. Steve was home sick with a bad cold and I had to drive the truck, because the Sonata was in the shop for repairs. (Opposition in all things) Plenty of reasons to be grumpy. Yet when I entered the warm building and was greeted by more than one friendly and familiar face I felt peace. 
I knew I was where I was supposed to be. 

The Spirit can show us our weaknesses, but He is also able to show us our strengths. Sometimes we need to ask what we are doing right so that the Lord can lift and encourage us. 

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