Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016 Senior Missionary Moments

            "One of the best ways for senior couples to make magnificent memories 
                                             is to serve a mission together!" 
I never get tired of seeing these inspiring symbols 
as I enter the Mission Office each morning. 
It helps to remind me that I too can do hard things-with the Lord's help!
Two men came to the office one day, one to ask for help, the other to offer help.
How blessed we are to appreciate our ability to give and to receive.
The Missionary Leadership Council luncheon-comprised of the Assistants to the President, Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders. Hawaiian haystacks and doesn't get much better than that on a warm spring day.
President and Sister Winder welcoming Elder Cortez, an Assistant to the President in January, who dropped by unexpectedly to share what life is really like as a returned missionary. 
The Family History Center, located in Boise, Idaho, where we stopped by to get acquainted with Elder and Sister Pyrah and learn a little more about the record preservation project.
Elder Busath test driving a mattress to determine if it is comfortable 
enough to deliver to a missionary complaining of a lumpy mattress.
A senior moment? No, it is actually one of those moments when we as senior missionaries realize that we are doing exactly what the Lord would have us do.

Patton Palace-home sweet home to four of our missionaries. 
Where we picked up a bike and delivered a "less lumpy" mattress.
On the look out for an apartment to house a senior missionary couple from Michigan, called to serve in Family Record Preservation due to arrive in August.
We are so excited to welcoming them, but recognize that no senior missionary finds it convenient to leave home, family and friends.But they love the Lord and want to serve Him and we can testify that they will be blessed for their sacrifice.

With a few improvements; a coat of paint, two beds, a dresser and two desks this will be a wonderful new home for the sister missionaries.

Just finishing up after the quick removal of missionaries, 
due to the homeowners recent job promotion, transfer 
and the need to sell their home ASAP.

Picked up a bike and dropped off a new smoke and CO 2 detector at the "Dog House," aptly named because it is located next door to a dog grooming business.

Seniors-if you think that you are not needed President Russell M. Nelson assures you, in the April Ensign, that you are. "There is not a mission president in the Church who would not love to have additional couples serving in his mission." Seniors provide support that helps others to serve better in their own responsibilities.
We got mail! The Gordon's were kind enough to send us a sweet letter updating us on the recent FOM Reunion and forward us a collection of pictures of Florida Orlando Mission friends taken by Elder Spencer. Thank you for the sweet trip down memory lane.
Long story short, we unloaded the miscellaneous items retrieved from the recently closed basement home and stopped by Deseret Industries to donate one nice couch. 
We then dropped off a dresser to an apartment with four Elders per their request.
Next we picked up a well worn couch from the Elders and replaced it with a newer model.
Then made a quick trip to the transfer station to dump 
the well worn couch and lumpy mattress.
(Definitely missing Elder Gordon, Elder Bevans and Elder Clare)
Elder Busath was invited to serve as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Councilor for the 
Citizenship in the Community merit badge.  
As a result we needed to stop by the Meridian City Hall 
to gather information for his presentation.
The word on the street is that it has been unseasonably warm in Idaho, 75-80 degrees in fact!  We are definitely not complaining and became anxious to get started on finishing up the landscaping in our new backyard.   After checking out Lowe's and Home Depot with many questions and few answers (Idaho is not California-we have seasons to consider) we discovered Zamzow's. They actually suggested taking pictures of the yard and bringing them in so we could discuss our options. What a novel idea!
Dirt in the raised garden, check, plans to plant a few fruit trees and a few more shrubs, check check,  we are just waiting until after Mother's Day to plant our garden, per their advice.

Grandson, Cale, team goalie and ready for action!

If you are still on the fence about serving a mission far away check out the service mission opportunities in your area, then you can have the best of both worlds.
(Although we love where we are currently serving we wouldn't have changed our decision to serve in the Florida Orlando Mission for anything.  
The memories and the friends we made we will cherish forever)

 "Senior couples, no matter who you are or where you are, please pray about this opportunity to create great senior missionary moments together.  
Heavenly Father will help you know what you can do."
President Russell M. Nelson

Don't worry if you feel somewhat inadequate, 
of all the qualifications, a desire to serve may be the most important.
See Doctrine and Covenants 4:3

Sending positive thoughts your way!
Make it a great week!

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