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October 9, 2016 Choose the harder right

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  Image result for 2016 lds general conference quotes  Image result for 2016 lds general conference quotes
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Wasn't General Conference last weekend amazing?
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"Wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God".
Moroni 7:16

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Signs of national weakness pose threats to quest for the perfect life- of them are:
                        1.  The growing trend toward personal involvement
                        2.  The rising tide of mediocrity; and
                        3.  The choice of security over opportunity.
"Refuse to compromise with experience.  Maintain the courage to defy the consensus.  Choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.  By doing so, you will not detour, but rather ever remain on the way to perfection."
Thomas S. Monson 
Our Mission storage shed needed to be purged of surplus mattresses to make room for extra bikes.It's too bad that homeless habitats can not accept old mattresses-now deemed a hazardous waste product. It would be nice to think that someone would benefit and sleep more comfortably on an old, stained mattress rather than on the cold pavement.
 New Missionary Training Meeting

 The "VISA Waiter" apartment. 
Once named because of the numerous missionaries, up to six and eight at a time, who slept here while in the process of renewing their VISA's.

 Before and after pictures of Elder and Sister Lewis' "senior missionary"apartment. They are due to arrive October 17th and have been called to serve in the Records Preservation Department.
Elder Durst and Elder Phillips, the muscles to our madness, in setting up the new apartment.  It's all about team work!
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 On the Home Front
Ready for a spooktacular Halloween and for spring when we hope that the bazillion Boise Temple tulip bulbs which we planted in the front yard and in our garden will bloom.
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Faith with works...
When we are not busily working in the Mission Office, paying bills, preparing for new arrivals or missionary departures, setting up apartments and moving furniture we sometimes get to enjoy the little things. Like sharing 1/4 (just image how big the entire loaf was) of a delicious loaf of basque bread made specially in a little restaurant located in Wendell, ID. And finally replacing our windshield that has been cracked for over a year.
Kahlen Elizabeth at 5 months and at her first pumpkin patch with her Mommy and Daddy.
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This month was such a special  month is was birthday time for not one, 
but two of our grandchildren!
Shelby Mae Hudson, 2 years old, October 2, 2016
Soccer star, Cale Matthew Esslinger, 9 years old, October 8, 2016
Elder Busath's younger brother, Barton, decided to stop by for a visit on his way to McGrath, Canada.  Only a 5 hour drive out of his way from Pleasant Grove, UT. 
We definitely felt the love!
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Make it a great week!

And for all you California State Workers...
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