Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Trip to Utah and Idaho

December 8, 2012 we went to Salt Lake City to see the lights on Temple Square and to visit some friends.  We then drove to Meridian, Idaho to vistit friends, the Pollmanns and our family in Idaho, the Esslingers.  We then drove to Rexburg, Idaho for Jake and Sam's graduation from BYUI.  We then packed up a trailer and pulled their stuff home to Sacramento in a snow storm.  Sam and Jake are moving to San Diego, the first of the year, for a job and to continue their education.  We got home on December 15, 2012. 
 Kathi at Temple Square in Salt Lake City
 Kathi and Stephen Temple Square
 Our friends the Galligan.  They lived in California now in Utah
 Kathi and Stephen, Sylvia and Gary Johnson.  Gary and Stephen were missionary friends in 1972 in the Eastern States Mission.  We served together on Staten Island, New York.  They live in Utah.
 Then off to Idaho to visit Jett, Cale and Dax Esslinger
 Brian and Andi Esslinger at Jake and Sam's Graduation Lunch
 Stephen, Kathi, Sam, Brian, Andi at Sam's Graduation from BYUI
 Stephen, Sam, Jake, Kathi
Jake and Sam's Graduation.  They walked across the stage together.
We are very proud of them.

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