Saturday, September 14, 2013

FOM Senior Soldiers

From left to right and back to front;
Elder and Sister Gebs, Elder and Sister Nielson, Elder and Sister (well you know), Sister Danes, Sister Vaden, Elder and Sister Moline, Elder and Sister Gordon, Elder and Sister Bevans.

Just a little something we thought you might appreciate:
"Today I saw the Army of Helaman in a different light.

I watched the Generals and leaders who took those boys to fight.

They looked quite ordinary-at least from the world’s point of view.

But a closer look would show their scars, and they are not a few.

These veteran warriors have felt life’s defeats, stress and fatigue.

They have wounds and scars and experience from life’s battles and intrigues.

They have raised their own good families, had careers and led the saints.

In wards and stakes and branches before they joined these ranks.

They have seen the hand of God work wonders in their lives,

So joining once again seemed very natural in these strife's.

The surge of youthful missionaries is wondrous to behold.

Yet the surge of these veteran warriors needs mention, though they’re old.

Their hands are gnarled, they walk with limps, have problems with their heart,

Yet when the youth need more support, they’re the first ones at the start.

With life’s experience and memories they proceed to lead the youth

From the ranks of priesthood office where they hold to right and truth.

This missionary army surging forth is handsome, young and strong.

But today I saw their support group, who have battled for so long.

Though their suits are cut much wider, their hair is filled with gray.

I’m grateful for this army I was allowed to glimpse today."

By Sister Claudia Taggart, Chicago Illinois Mission

We have recently discovered that growing older can be a wonderful adventure if you remember that the important word is growing.  So when you are having "one of those days" where nothing seems to be going the way you planned try to remind yourself that what you are becoming is more important than what you are accomplishing.

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