Thursday, October 31, 2013

Be Faithful, Work Hard, Smile

Welcome back!

Guess where our Senior Missionary District went last Saturday?  You guessed it, Downtown Disney.





Our sensational Senior District having lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe, from left to right, Sister Danes, Sister Vaden, Sister Hansen, Elder Hansen (camera shy) Sister Bevans, Elder Bevans, Sister and Elder Gordon and me!

So, who looks grumpier, Donald or Elder Busath (Grandpa)?

Just a little Lego magic for our grand kids :) who are always on our minds

On Tuesday we had a special Zone Conference at the Orlando South Stake Center which is directly across the street from the Orlando Temple. William R. Walker of the Seventy was presiding and it was incredible!

We met at the Stake Center at o dark hundred (7:00 am) to have each vehicle checked for the proper fluid levels, tire condition, body dents, etc and to get free flu shots courtesy of Walgreen's.

Sister Jackson needed a new bicycle helmet so she was just trying a few on for size.

 The Orlando South Zone

The Cocoa Zone

The next picture should have been the Hunter's Creek Zone,
 but that is the Zone we are in and I couldn't  figure out how to be in two places at once, sorry.

Celebrating birthdays that occurred since our last Zone Conference in August. 
Sister Berry, our very special "Food Fairy" is passing out sweet treats to mark the occasion.

Sisters from the Pleasant Hill Ward who provided lunch for 130 very hungry missionaries! 
Truly a labor of love.

President Wood, from our very own Florida Orlando Mission Presidency, Elder Busath,
 Elder William R. Walker and Sister Wood.

Sisters Adamson and Lowry doing what they do best!

It's Halloween time and thanks to our family we had more than enough reasons to celebrate! Thanks guys!

Sister Jamison, and Elders Degado and Polito assigned to the Pleasant Hill Ward and the  Poinciana Branch respectively helping us get ready for Trunk or Treating.

Our Pleasant Hill and Poinciana missionaries after a spooktacular time!

Someone put this "creepy" sticker on my car window when I wasn't looking and it scared me half to death it looked so real in the dark! I didn't scream like a little girl, but I had to have Elder Busath remove it before I would get into the car :)

It's 8:32 pm Florida time on Halloween night and I think I can count on two, okay maybe three hands how many trick or treaters we have had :( Living in an apartment we just naturally assumed we would have tons of kids, but I guess we were wrong.  Kind of disappointed because we bought lots and lots of candy.

We knew it would be different this year, but we tried so hard to keep the traditions. We dressed in orange and black, and although I couldn't wear my standard crazy Halloween earrings I did put candy corn stickers on my cochlear head piece,  affixed a big, black spider to my name tag, and we even carved a real pumpkin and named him Jim. Unfortunately there are no Papa John's in Florida so we had to settle for a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza.  Elder Busath actually tried to talk them into decorating it with the pepperoni like a jack o lantern to make me happy, but I think they thought he was kidding.

I guess tonight is one of those "hard things" that we can do! If nothing else tonight we have learned to appreciate being so busy that we don't have time to think, too much. Things like, Lucas, Mason, Jill, Dax, Cale, Jett, Charles, Thomas, William, Sienna and even soon to come baby Wade.  Imagining them all decked out in their Halloween costumes as Super Hero's, Tinker Bell, a princess and maybe a pea in a pod, is something we truly missed this year and we hope that they all had a spooktacular time and we look forward to seeing the pictures of their adventures.

Happy Halloween family and friends, we love you.  Although we often wish we could be there with you so as to not miss a single thing, we know we are where we are supposed to be, doing what we have been called to do, and we love it!

Until next time..........see you later alligator!


  1. trick or treat! it is 6:50 and no trick or treaters. we have a lot of candy too. thanks for the treat coupons, we will use them on Saturday on our errands.

  2. The trick or treaters came in hordes at 7 and we ran out of candy at 8 and had to turn off the lights mid group of kids. That was awkward (sic?)