Sunday, November 10, 2013

If it is to be, it is up to me!

A mission is like a tennis game; the player who serves well seldom loses, so we are doing our very best to be winners!

Okay, so we are not currently living in Poinciana, but we actually spend a lot of time there and when I see this sign I know that we are almost where we need to be :)

"Birthday Boys", Elders Kurtz and Cleis da Costa, Zone Leaders in Leesburg.  Both birthday packages arrived the same day; one was hand delivered, the other by Fed Ex from Brazil. Since neither package could be forwarded we took the opportunity to take a long drive and deliver them in person.  It appears that they were happy we did!

Elder Kurtz and Elder Cleis da Costa's little home away from home in Leesburg.

Just killing two birds with one stone.  After we made our birthday gift delivery in Leesburg we drove out to Apopka to switch out an old missionary car-on the right for a brand new red Toyota. of course in the pouring rain, it's Florida, right?

Elders Monsen, Jackson and you know who.  
Elder Monsen recently lost his wallet and we made a trip to Winter Garden to replace his debit card. 
Luckily we found them having lunch at Chick fil so someone must have been saving their pennies.

I looked out the window and what did I see? A man climbing on the temple steeple high above the trees.
At first I thought it may have been a figment of my imagination and then I thought that maybe it was a prank, but when I looked closer I discovered that he was actually power washing the steeple.  I learned a few days later that the harness was left in place over the weekend, probably in order to finish the job on Monday, and it appeared that a real prankster did indeed try to scale the steeple and was questioned by the police Saturday night. But good news, after some questioning it was discovered that it was the same worker just trying to finish up the job. Talk about dedication and commitment!

Now, for our wildlife fans...

He is just nuts about peanuts from 5 Guys :)

A black snake bird and two cranes having breakfast together in our own backyard.

I guess the word got out and the ducks are all about free food, even if it is simply stale bread.


Just a strange, not so little critter we met at the temple.  He kind of reminds me of  something from "Men in Black", but I am not sure who his Uncle of Aunties are :)

This little frog decided to sun himself on the Mission Office door mat. 
Not sure, but maybe he was waiting for a princess to arrive to break his spell.

Did someone say princess?  
Well here are Sisters Hernandez, Hess and Williams 
and that look pretty enough to be princesses if you ask me.

Sister Wright and her son Alex, on a recent  temple tour Wednesday night.

Brother Mason Hertzog, our incredible Florida Orlando temple tour guide.

Elders Delgado, Agor and Sister Wright and her son, Alex on the temple tour.

Yes, we got mail, and not just one item, but two! One was a postcard from Tracy and Chad while vacationing in Hawaii celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  The second was from Chad's parent's, Randy and Julie, who included gift cards to two of our favorite places to eat, Wendy's and 5 Guys. Yes Randy, man cannot live on McDonald's alone, thank you!  I only wish you could know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Elder Delgado, currently assigned with us in the Poinciana Branch and Alex Wright just a few minutes before Alex was baptized on Saturday morning.

Elder Delgado, Alex and Elder Agor, Elder Degado's companion.

Elder McGregor, currently assigned to the Pleasant Hill Ward, our last area,  
and Alva Tutt who was also baptized on Saturday.

In closing let us share something we discovered in Especially for Mormon Missionaries 
that pretty much sums up our feelings:

Highs and Low
A mission is a strange experience,
a trial and a test,
a mission throws at you the worst, 
yet teaches you the best.
We've never been so happy,
we've never been so depressed, 
we've never felt so forsaken,
we've never felt so blessed.
We've never been so confused,
things have never been so clear,
we've never felt our Heavenly Father so distant,
He's never been so near.
We've never been so discouraged, 
we've never been so full of hope, 
we feel we could go on forever, 
we've come to the end of our rope.
We've never had it so easy,
we've never had it quite so tough,
things have never been so smooth,
things have never been so rough.
We've never been through such a deep valley,
we've never been to so high a peek,
we've never felt so sure and strong,
we've never felt so weak.
We've had so many ups, 
we've never had so many downs,
we've never had so many smiles,
we've never had so many frowns.
We've never been so lonely,
we've never had so many friends.
Boy! I hope this is over soon!
Gosh! I hope it never ends!

Until next time......see you later alligator!

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