Saturday, August 16, 2014

Busy as Bees


  1. 1.
    having a great deal to do.
    "he had been too busy to enjoy himself"
    synonyms:occupied, engaged, involved, employed, working, hard at work;
    rushed off one's feet, hard-pressed, swamped, up to one's neck; 
    on the job, absorbed, engrossed, immersed, preoccupied; 
    informal(as) busy as a bee, on the go, hard at it

    "the senior missionaries have been busy"


  1. 1.
    keep occupied.
  2. "she busied herself with mission related duties"
Brother and Sister Jordan and Sister Burgess in the Poinciana Branch
at our last Temple Preparation class.
Drum roll...please welcome Sister and Elder Spencer from Salt Lake City, Utah who just arrived to fill in where the Gordon's left off.
 The Hunter's Creek area Sisters, Salvesen, Jensen and Grosland stopping by
the Mission Office to visit.

Assistants to the President, Elders Patton and Flood, taking one last look
at the Transfer Board before "showtime". (Just kidding)

 The Arrival Dinner Monday at the Hunter's Creek Stake Center
for our eighteen new missionaries.

Assistants to the President, Elders Patton and Flood, providing comic relief
as well as presenting a role play demonstrating that you can strike up a conversation with
just about anyone.
Elders Chatterton and Elder Lindsay seem amazed at the concept.
 Sister Gordon presenting her final orientation to our new missionaries as she prepares to depart for home in just a few short days :(
 It appears that we each got the memo to wear purple today!

The air is a-buzz with anticipation a our recent
 Transfer Meeting at the Hunter's Creek Stake Center

A Geico cousin stopping by to ask if we are as tired of those silly commercials as he is?

The Missionary Departure dinner for at the Mission Home
 Sister Katie Conant from Washington
 Sister Jessica Sheffield from Utah
 Sister Leah Ward from Utah
And that is just some of the Sister Missionaries. Sister Salvesen was in her interview with the Mission President when we had to leave. 
There were seven Elders who also were scheduled to depart.
Elder and Sister Bevans tying up loose ends as they prepare to fly home to Canada bright and early Wednesday morning after serving valiantly for eighteen months. 
The good news is that they plan to return in November to say hi before boarding an ocean liner bound for some tropical destination. 
The Poinciana Sisters home
With transfers behind us it was time to close down two areas. One of the areas was the house where the Poinciana Sisters lived.

After less that 24 hours notice the sisters quickly packed up their house making our work of vacating the house so much easier.
Thanks Sister Gruber and Sister Hernandez, you will be missed!


 Elders Brown and Hunt currently assigned to the Lake Nona Spanish area were anxiously awaiting the delivery of their two twin beds following transfers.  They camped out on sleeping bags and mats Tuesday night until we were able to close down the two areas and retrieve beds for them.

The second area we were instructed to close was
the very old, very tired, little white house the sisters in the Pleasant Hill area lived.

Again, even after such short notice, the Sister Missionaries, Young and Gonzalez, did an awesome job packing everything up so it didn't long at all for Elder and Sister Clare and Elder Busath and myself to finish loading the furnishings into the trailer, tidying up the house, then locking it up and sailing off into the sunset.
  The condo at Osprey Cove, once home to the Pleasant Hill South Spanish Elders.  Recently "whitewashed" at transfers so it is now home for Sister Missionaries.
 Sister Jensen and Sister Hiatt happily settled in their new home.
 Yee haw!  They have Black Angus restaurants in Florida!
Not that we have time to visit, but we thought it was interesting that it had taken on more of a cowboy theme here in the East.
Elder Clare putting his shoulder to the wheel...
Where there were three, now there are two.
Following transfers there would no longer be a trio of Elders in Buena Vista area, so we needed to stop by and pick up their extra bed, desk and chairs to be used elsewhere.
Elder Fullmer, Elder West and Sister Clare
waiting for further instructions.
Elder Peay checking out his options.
Elder Clare, Elder Albin (in the back) Elder Fullmer and Elder Busath
Heave ho...way to go Elders!
Elder Busath and Elder Clare
giving thanks for the help of our younger missionaries.
The trailer is packed and there is no more room at Uncle Bob's Storage. So it is off to our old favorite, the duplex at Laver Lane, until we can get a few hours to reorganize.
We played "catch up" on all our paperwork in the office. Bills to pay, records to process.
¡Feliz cumpleaños! Hermana Megan Jackson!
They got mail!
Unfortunately Sister Jackson's birthday box had a piece of chocolate that attracted a swarm of ants so we had to open the package outside and salvage what we could. However, Sister Nelson's "message in a bottle" continued on it's way to her.

Our Senior Missionary District Activity this month was a picnic at Lake Eola in Orlando.
 "Take flight"

 Elder Clare and Elder Busath 'chillin"

Elder and Sister Spencer introducing themselves to the group. 
It turns out that it's a small world after all.
The Spencer's daughter and the Mission President's son are married and living in Texas. The Spencer's son and Elder and Sister Bean's daughter are married and living in Utah. If that wasn't enough Sister Spencer once served in the Stake Young Women's Presidency with Sister Nielson. We truly are family here in the Florida Orlando Mission.

We expected to see swans, but also discovered turtles in Lake Eola.
Fer shure! Cowabunga dude!  Not sure if Crush and Squirt were there.


Following our Senior Activity the (E) Johnson's (E) for Employment Resource Center versus the (M) Johnson's, (M) for Mission Leadership Support, offered to assist us in delivering a bed, desk and chairs to the Bumby area apartment in preparation for a new Haitian speaking Elder due to arrive on Monday.

As is our practice, while delivering the bed and desk we took a few minutes to perform a random apartment inspection and discovered a few problems. 
The biggest problem was that the air conditioner filter had not been changed in some time, resulting in the dirt and dust to be discharged through the vents. It was a mess and to top it off when Elder Busath drove down to the apartment complex office to request a replacement filter he was informed that they were all out :( 
As luck would have it, the Elders, Robert and Terry, arrived just as we were leaving so we explained the problems and encouraged them to follow up with the apartment management to resolve some (not all) of the problems we identified.
What a week it has been!
The good, the bad and the ugly!
The good-the safe arrival of eighteen new missionaries.  The bad-saying good bye to dear friends.  The ugly-apartment mishaps. Fortunately tomorrow is Sunday, the Lord's day.  A chance to recharge and renew and prepare for the start of a brand new week filled with opportunities!

Make it a great week!
See you later...

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