Saturday, August 9, 2014

Improve the Shining Moments

Improve the shining moments
Don't let them pass you by;
Work while the sun is radiant;
Work, for the night draws nigh.

It is T minus 48 hours until we welcome 15 new missionaries (12 Elders, 3 Sisters) to the Florida Orlando Mission.  As a result we are racing around trying to get everything ready for their arrival. Our first order of business is to make sure that everyone has a place to lay their head.
We cannot bid the sunbeams
To lengthen out their stay;
Nor can we ask the shadow
To ever stay away.
The College Park North Sister Missionaries, Stratman and Forsey, needed an extra bed due to an emergency transfer, so Elder and Sister Gordon joined us to help make it happen. 
We won't bore you with the details of our various road trips, but suffice to say it is never boring.  While on our way to deliver this particular bed we first had to pick it up from another apartment in another area, and then stop and renew not one, but two apartment leases that happened to be along the way that required a personal visit.

 On Monday, August 4, 2014 our Senior Missionary District got together at Cook's restaurant in DeLand for a farewell dinner for Elder and Sister Bevans from Cardston, Canada and Elder and Sister Gordon from Orem, Utah who would be leaving for home after transfers, on August 12th.  At the close of our dinner the Bevans and Gordon's were presented with a small token of our love and appreciation; a framed sketch of the Florida Orlando Temple with an inscription that read:  "You Left Your Mark," and indeed they did!
Time flies on wings of lightening,
We cannot call it back;
It comes, then passes forward
Along it onward track;
And if we are not mindful,
The chance will fade away;
For life is quick in passing-
'Tis as a single day.
The Mission President recently informed us that he would like to open two new areas prior to transfers.  Normally that wouldn't pose a problem, but the clock was ticking so we had to hustle to round up enough furniture to outfit the two new apartments in the short time frame given us.  Enchanted Oaks Resort to the rescue! Sister Sharon Todd and her co-worker, Carmello, came through for me once again and donated six desks just in the nick of time. 
Old Gray, Beatrice and Swoop
 Swoop, all grown up.
 Uncle Harry?
We weren't sure what this little guy's name was,
but he seemed to be a visiting family member.

If you are a regular you might remember weeks ago when I posted a picture of a baby sand crane named "Swoop".  He was all legs and was covered with bright orange downy feathers.  Well a few days ago we had the opportunity to stop by the Mission Home to pick up some sleeping bags and Sister Berry invited us to join her in the  backyard where this sweet little sand crane family had been knocking at her back door to show us how big Swoop has grown.
 The Hunter's Creek Sisters taking one for the team!
Sisters Grosland, Jensen and Salvesen currently are a trio, but Sister Salvesen will be departing for home on Wednesday and we needed a bed to deliver in a far off zone, ASAP.  To save us some valuable time (these sisters live just down the street from the Mission Office) Sister Jensen agreed to give up her bed and "camp out" until transfers.
Our Uncle Bob's Storage unit appears to be bursting at the seams, but never fear, after outfitting two new apartments this week we actually have some wiggle room once again.


Our new apartment at Integra Landings at Ivey Shore in Orange City, and the moving crew that made it a reality; Elder Machovsky, Elder Richards, Elder Davis and Elder Sherwin (currently recovering from a bike accident). 
Bench versus missionary on bike, the bench won! 

 Due to a number of reasons this poor, old Lake Nona house had been left empty for a few weeks.  As a result it had been cannibalized to take care of other pressing needs.   The good news is that it would once again be occupied and put into service, the bad news is that we are short on beds for the moment so the Elders assigned to this house on Tuesday would have to "camp out" until we could pick up some beds (currently in use) at one of the two of the areas we would be closing down also on Tuesday.

 Another visit to Uncle Bob's to prepare to set up the new Hunter's Creek apartment at Colonial Glen, for a trio of Elders .

Taking a well deserved break after  a very long, hot, day.


Super heroes, Elder Stewart, Elder Stanford, Elder Flood and Elder Patten who helped carry all the furniture up three flights of stairs!

The neighborhood Target store on Orange Blossom Trail. 
Just when we thought we might actually have a chance to get ahead, we experienced a fire drill at our local Target Store requiring immediate evacuation. Of course we had just completed our shopping and were in the checkout line, but rules are rules. After "cooling our heels" out front in the parking lot in the 90+ weather with rain imminent we were finally allowed in 30 minutes later to retrieve our cart and finish checking out. We later discovered, after unloading our groceries, that some well meaning customer added a few additional items to our recently abandoned shopping cart :(
Improve each shining moment;
In this you are secure,
For promptness bringeth safety,
And blessings rich and pure.
Let prudence guide your actions,
Be honest in your heart,
And God will love and bless you,
And help to you impart.
It has been a crazy couple of days, but things are improving and we feel sure that we will be able to accomplish all that is necessary!
We feel blessed in doing our part in hastening His work.
Make it a great week!
See you later...

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