Sunday, October 12, 2014

Housekeeping is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it!

It has been another amazing, fabulous, terrific, incredible and very crazy week!
The week began with a fun Senior Missionary District Meeting where we received instructions from the Assistants to the President, Elder Waller and Elder Flood, in the form of role playing.  We practiced how to get out of our comfort zones and learned how to initiate conversation with everyone we see.

 Elder Busath pretending to change a tire when two young men just happen to stop by
and offered to lend a hand.

Sister and Elder Boynton decide to strike up a conversation with  "pretend" neighbor, Elder Bean, who happened to be sitting outside reading when their schedule appointment next door failed to show.
We served Autumn/Halloween decorated donuts, apple slices and apple cider for refreshments just to remind us all that it really is October
even if it is still 80 degrees outside.
Behold, mine is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion.
Doctrine and Covenants 132:8

During the first two weeks in October our Senior Missionary District once again agreed to perform quarterly housing inspections on all of the homes our young missionaries currently reside.  There are over 105 homes covering 6 Zones and it is a huge project, but one that is necessary and can be very educational for both the young missionaries as well as the older ones. 

Get ready, get set, GO...
 Our first stop was to the Ellsworth Sister Trainer Leaders apartment,
Sister Godfrey and Sister Welch.
Next up...Palm Bay 2 West Sisters Jindo and Bracken.

They wondered why their dryer took so long to dry their clothes. 
See that big roll of lint on top of the washer...mystery solved!
Now about their vacuum cleaner... 
Palm Bay 2 East, Elders Rowley and Scott  


 Palm Bay 1 South, home to Elders Willard and Richards.

Palm Bay 1 North, Sister Trainer Leader, Welch (here on exchanges) and Sister Lowry

 Melbourne East, where Elders Donnelly and Jensen reside.

 Melbourne West Sisters Stratman and Ransom.
 That's what we call going the extra mile...

Elder Busath conducting a class in vacuum cleaner repair.
 Sister Statman's bedspread :)

Semoran South Spanish Elders, Enamorado, Jacobsen and Jones 
 A dinosaur in the microwave?

  A camel on ice?

 Semoran North Sisters Hernandez and Allred.

Windy Ridge Sisters, Monson and Rivera's apartment

A vacuum cleaner that needed service :(

Metro West Portuguese Elders Oglesby and Gooch.

 Ocoee South Elders, Nakatsuka and Bateman, home away from home.



Before             and               after 
Ocoee North Elders Packard and Pelo's apartment
Winter Garden South, Sisters Taylor and Pack.


Winter Garden North, Elders Dowdle and Uber's home.

 Happy Helpers, Elders Packard and Pelo
  Elder Clare undercover
Sister and Brother Darrington stopped by the Mission Office Friday afternoon
on the way to boarding a cruise ship. 
The Darrington's served as Mission Presidents here in the Florida Orlando Mission from 2007-2010.
 As we said before it has been a crazy week,
but we wouldn't have changed the experience for the world. 
We love what we are doing, even if it means becoming a little exhausted at times!

Oh, before we forget...
If you haven't already done so we highly recommend seeing

 in local movie theatres now. 
The net proceeds go to charity so it is a "WIN-WIN" and well worth it! 
Make it a great week!
See you later alligator...

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