Sunday, October 26, 2014

Search diligently, pray always, and be believing...

Search diligently, pray always, and be believing
and all things shall work together for your good...
Doctrine and Covenants 90:24

Thanks to the generous donations of many of the Senior Office Couple's children it's beginning to look a lot like...Halloween in the Mission Office.  The funny thing is that many folks here in Florida are  seriously anti-Halloween.  They don't allow parties in the schools or trick or treating in the neighborhood.  No one can tell me why exactly, but teachers here just decorate for autumn (orange and red falling leaves are a novelty) and to avoid the Halloween fallout from parents many of the schools assign a genre for each grade level and the kids have the opportunity to dress as characters in that genre.  For example, we know one teacher whose class has been focusing on myths and fables and her class members plan to dress as characters in one of the fables they have been studying.
On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Sister Busath had the honor to escort Gillian Burgess, one of our Temple Preparation class members in the Poinciana Branch to her own endowment session at the Orlando Temple, priceless! 
It was an incredible experience and one we will cherish always!

It seems that our adventures have not only worn us out but our shoes as well.
So grab your running shoes because it has been another ghoulish week in the mission field as we prepare for the arrival of 18 new missionaries, the transfer of many others and the departure of 18 on November 3rd-5th. 
Our Senior Missionaries recently completed a 100% inspection of all of our missionaries homes and now we are busily racing from one zone (stake)to the next to "refresh" the apartments/houses and fulfill the "needs" identified. Damaged desks, sagging box springs, broken kitchen and study chairs, too few glasses, bowls and even silverware-basically we have been able to take from those that have a surplus and give to those that need.  Unfortunately they all don't live right next door to one another, so it has become a huge jig saw puzzle and you can ask anyone who knows me-I am not a big fan of puzzles.
 Ooooo...guess what we got in the midst of all the drama???

 We got some spook-tacular mail all the way from our grandkids in Meridian, Idaho!
A tea light, window gel decorations, a Frankenstein candy bag filled with goodies and some scary cakes with scream filling! Thanks Dax, Cale and Jett (Andi and Brian)!

 Conway North Sisters Weston and LaForce had two extra bar stools that they weren't using and we had just the place for them!

The only sign of autumn that I have been able to find so far.
 Elder Busath displaying some artistic masterpieces we also received in the mail recently thanks to the creative talents of grandsons, Charles, Thomas and William Bacchus.

 The new Oviedo East apartment didn't have room for a kitchen table and chairs so the bar stools from the Conway North Sisters, after a quick cleaning, worked out perfectly.

 Elder Clare at the old Oviedo apartment leaving no trace behind!

 The Sanford Elders, Husbands and Weiss, according to our notes needed
two kitchen chairs and a study chair. 
What we didn't know, until we arrived, was that they also needed a new box spring :(

 Sister and Elder Clare helping Sister Busath refresh the very small Lake Mary Sisters apartment in the Orlando Zone with bar stools donated by the Minneola South Sisters, in the Leesburg Zone.

Goldenrod West Elders, Stiggins and Hansen, were in need of a new desk,
but they had to dig deep in the trailer to find their buried treasure.

Oh Canada!
The Bevans, a Senior Missionary couple from Cardston, Canada, were released in September after serving here for 18 months.  We were hopeful to welcome their replacement (as if they could ever actually be replaced) following their departure.  But as we have said before there just aren't enough senior missionaries to go around so we had to close down this apartment.

Elder and Sister Johnson, from Orem, UT, currently serving in the Goldenrod Ward as Mission Leadership Support, offered to help us tie up the loose ends and finish packing, loading the trailer and cleaning the apartment. 
Okay so call us thrifty.  The apartment came with no lights or fans. 
The Bevans installed both lights and fans to help make their apartment more homey. Since we had a long list of missionary apartments who "needed" overhead lights and fans, we quickly removed them and returned the apartment to it's original condition.
Elder Busath and I were exhausted after moving furniture all day and needed help fast.  Who are we going to call?
La superestrella (super stars)!
Elder Martinez and Elder Stewart, currently assigned to the Hunter's Creek Ward speaking Spanish were on bikes proselyting in the area.   Yet when I texted them they immediately responded with, "We will be there in 5 minutes."
That's what we are taking about, service with a smile!
The Poinciana Branch had their Primary Children's Sacrament Program today. 
Elder Busath and Brother Thompson helped by displaying the opening and closing hymn numbers, President Quispe checked his notes and Primary First Counselor, Michelle Gager, and Primary President, Alicia Howse, took care of all the last minute details. 
A total of thirty children were in attendance and they did a...
  tiful job!
The Jordan Family
Miguel, Yachira, and their three boys.
We had the privilege of teaching the Jordan's in our Temple Preparation class and are now waiting for them to set a date to have their family sealed forever.
The clock is ticking and there is still much to do to get ready for our transfers in one week.  
Got to fly...........
Wishing you all a happy and safe Halloween...
...see you later...

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