Sunday, November 16, 2014

Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone!

 After six very long years the University Park Elders would be moving into a new apartment.  In the same complex, because location is everything, but in a new and refreshed apartment just a few doors down.
 Unlike our previous moving experiences these Elders knew how to pack for a move.  We arrived, the team was ready, and we made quick work of the job at hand. 

 The old University Park apartment

The new University Park apartment
 Elders Scott, Earnshaw, and Clement-the old apartment cleaning crew
 Elder Hirschi, Oxborrow, Stiggins-the new apartment set up crew

 The birthday boys at our recent Senior District Meeting, Elder Johnson and Elder Clare
 Elder Busath repairing another toilet handle, this time
at the Pleasant Hills Sisters townhouse

 Sister Norris and Sister A. Jensen, in their own backyard
currently assigned to the Pleasant Hills South area,

 Elders Booth and Ferrin, assigned to the Pleasant Hills North area reported that their sofa was missing a leg.  Well it just so happened that we were familiar with that particular piece of furniture. We had repaired said leg months before. When we stopped by we quickly turned over the sofa to discover that the "missing" leg had just fallen off when the room was redecorated. The leg was quickly reattached and they were good to go.
Mystery solved.
 The Windy Ridge Elders apartment was currently vacant until our next transfer in December and it needed some serious TLC.  As a result we were able to convince the apartment management to paint and replace the spotted carpet while the apartment was unoccupied.  Well meaning missionaries once used bleach to SPOT clean the carpet and often forgot to wipe their feet when clomping up the carpet.  We needed the apartment emptied of furniture ASAP.  Who are we gonna call? 
The Ocoee District that's who!
 Obedient with exactness! 
When Elder Busath requested that they form a line up against the wall they quickly complied.  I think they may have watched too many cop shows in the past. 
 The Ocoee District moving crew: Elders Dowdle, Uber, Hansen,
Pelo, Bateman and Packard
 The Windy Ridge garage before the move

  The Windy Ridge garage after...

 Kissimmee North area Sisters, Bernier and Liedtke, previously had been a threesome and were now a duo. So bright and early Thursday morning we stopped by to pick up the extra bed to give them more room.
 The Hall of Fame
from our recent October 100% home inspections now 
posted in the Mission Office.
It will be posted until the next transfer to encourage others to do their best 
and to show our gratitude for all their hard work.
 Elder Busath offering his fine feather friends a late night snack of leftover French bread.
   Up, up and away to Terminal B

 at the Orlando airport
 We had the opportunity to pick up our good friends, the Bevans, at the Orlando airport Thursday night.  They departed from their mission in September and left their car behind to be picked up following a Caribbean cruise next week. 
Can you guess where they are from by the looks of their odometer?  Oh Canada!
 The Belleview Sister Trainer Leaders needed their couch replaced.

 Leesburg West Elders, Vaifanua and Pututau to the rescue!

On Saturday our Senior Missionary District held a Holiday Feast
at the Holiday Travel Resort in Leesburg.
Holidays are a crazy time even for missionaries so we thought we would beat the rush of activities.



We contacted the Leesburg East Sisters, Sister Fiefia, Siser Knutson and all 3'5" of Sister Stevens and invited them to join us.  The Bevans had served with Sister Stevens in the Conway Ward in the Orlando South Stake and wanted to surprise her :)

To humor me and in an attempt to keep our own holiday tradition alive, following the dinner we had an ornament exchange in the true "Bacchus" fashion. We have to admit it was fun to see that even mild mannered Senior Missionaries can become a little competitive when they see something they like.
Fred and Frieda were a huge hit!

Sister Cheryl Johnson made this beautiful angel ornament with her own hands!
Just when we thought that we had more than enough to be grateful for, the Bevans presented each of us with a CD containing a special collection of pictures Sister Bevans had taken over the course of their mission set to music. 
 If our Saturday wasn't busy enough we still made time to drive all the way down to Poinciana to Brother and Sister Thomas' home to attend the
Poinciana Branch High Priest Group Social. 
The food was good but the company was the best!
Sister Kober, Brother Thompson and Brother Hamilton following a game of "Name that Person".  Each of us had to write down something that few people knew about us and then Brother Kober read it aloud and we had to guess who the person was.  Sister Busath actually did quite well with a total of three identifications,
but Brother Thomas beat her out with five.
       In closing,
We are so grateful to each of you for stopping by to check on us from time to time. 
Our Blog may not be a best seller, but it is truly a labor of love.
We hope that at one time or another it has helped to put a smile on your face
or at the very least gave you something to think about.
Thank you for all your support!


  1. I am smiling :).....Elder Busath your shoes are really shiny. It doesn't look like you have be serving/working in them for 20 months