Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

We think that Florida must have finally gotten the memo! 
Somehow it just seemed wrong to begin the month of November with temperatures in the 80's.  Of course we realize that it is probably just a cold front passing through, but we are enjoying the change in the weather even if we do have to bundle up for just for a day or two.
7:42 PM
We are pleased to announce (drum roll) that the Florida Orlando Mission October 2014 100% Housing Inspections have finally been completed!
Thanks to the dedication of our Senior Missionary District all 100+ homes
were carefully inspected and reports were submitted identifying problems
and specific needs and requests. 
The results have been tabulated and the good news is that a total of 30 companionships received 20 out of 20 points making them eligible for entry on our Hall of Fame List posted in the Mission Office!  The bad news is that 10 companionships actually failed, but after some additional instructions and encouragement they have since redeemed themselves :)
Following the housing inspections a long list was created noting the specific "needs" and requests so we have spent the past few days on the road again, "refreshing", restoring and fulfilling requests by taking from those who have and giving it to those that need.
  Monday-DeLand Zone

The Deltona 2 East Spanish Elders, Bailey, Sherwin and Stanford needed to discard two very old and broken recliners in their rambling older house and had requested a couch.

 The New Smyrna Beach Sisters, Johnston and Thomas, had requested a new study chair to replace a worn one. After a careful inspection of the current study chair it was decided that all they really needed was a roll of black duct tape to seal the frayed seams.
Use it Up
Wear it Out
Make it do-or
Do without!
 The Daytona Beach North Sisters, Dingess and Barnes, put in a request for a new mattress because the one they had was bowed in the middle. No problem...we can do that!

 The Bunnell North Sisters, Bridgewater and Horrocks, had a old, lumpy, badly stained couch that needed to be replaced.
Fortunately we happened to have just what they needed, check!
Tuesday-Hunter's Creek Zone

In between deliveries this week we took time to host a luncheon at the John Young church building for the Hunter's Creek Zone Interview and  iPad Training staff.

When we don't have exactly what we need...
 The Bargain Spot on OBT is our favorite place to "make a deal" and swap furniture. 
We donate furniture that our missionaries can't use and in return they donate furniture that we can use.
 We got mail from Bonnie and Don Pebbles to help us celebrate Halloween!
Wednesday-Leesburg Zone

 Don't throw it away, it can be used in some other way!
This couch was sitting on the Minneola Elder's covered patio because it was too large to fit in their apartment.
We were sure someone else might appreciate it...that is until we discovered mildew and small creatures residing inside the sleeper sofa!
 Our Minneola and Clermont Elders, Socarras, Hilton, Gale and Steed.
 Elder Gale and Elder Busath showing off their coordinating ties.

 Apopka East Elders Sharp and Agor needed a small dresser...
 Apopka West Sisters, Nelson and Ludlow, needed two kitchen chairs and two study chairs.
Elder Busath needed a nap ZzZ so he took a few minutes at the Western's home
in between furniture deliveries to get recharged.

 Another part of our assignment is to deliver necessary furniture in preparation of new trio companionships being established prior to transfers. (Next week) 
Elders Pututua and Vaifanua currently serving in Leesburg West area were informed recently that we would be delivering an extra bed, desk, kitchen chair and study chair and made themselves available willing and able to help us out, no questions asked.

 What the Lecanto East Sisters really needed was two bar stools. 
What they received was a small table and chairs because sometimes you just have to make do with what is available.


 Fear not, even on these crazy weeks on the road we do stop and take the opportunity to attend a session at the Orlando Temple to help renew us.

 The "dump" on Curry Ford Road for the things that simply could not be recycled. 
Friday-Halloween Night

 We received spooktacular handmade Halloween cards from our grandson's in Rocklin, California. Charles, Thomas and William Bacchus, thank you!

 Elder and Sister Spencer                       Sister and Elder Bean
"Lambie" playing in the dry ice mist.
Elder and Sister Bean hosted a Halloween party on Friday night for our Senior Missionary District.  The food was amazing, the company even better!
 The Assistants to the President, Elder Flood and Elder Waller, graciously offered to lend us a hand at delivering some of the last minute furniture items in order to prepare for trio companionships being established on Tuesday at transfers. To be honest we think they were a little surprised that we took them up on their offer, but they were good sports and willingly helped us accomplish the task at hand.  We caravanned to Uncle Bob's Storage and loaded up their van and our truck and they headed to Cocoa and we headed to DeLand.

 University Park East Elders, Herrin, Jackson and Dalmas. met us at the currently unoccupied Waterford Lakes apartment to help us unload two kitchen chairs and pick up the keys. Elder Jackson will be assigned there on Tuesday.

The Sanford East Elders apartment need a new box spring to replace a broken one.  While there we took a quick look around and discovered a very tidy apartment with one exception...


  DeLand 1 South Elders Cushing and Hamp. 
Elder Cushing would be departing on Wednesday after 2 years of honorable service. As a result Elder Hamp would be receiving not one, but two new companions thus requiring another bed, desk and chairs.  Unfortunately there simply was not room enough for two couches and another desk in their small one bedroom apartment so we asked them to make a choice and then loaded up their second choice to be reassigned later to a needy apartment. 

 Winter Park Elders, Davis and Metcalf ,would also be receiving a third companion, if they are assigned to stay in the Winter Park area, so they made arrangements to meet us in their parking lot and helped us transport the furniture to their apartment. We in turn loaded up their bikes and transported them to their dinner appointment.
In closing, from President Gordon B.Hinckley in his book Stand for Something:
" The best antidote I know for worry is work.  The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.  One of the great ironies of life is this:  He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served."
We definitely know that to be true!
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Make it a great week!!!
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