Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14th-As I Have Loved You

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Our new Assistant to the President, Elder Bowler, and his companion, Elder Hann.
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As I have loved you...
Love one another!
Monday, February 8th was Transfer Day. 
We were told that normally all the action takes place in the parking lot.  However due to the cold weather the missionaries decided to bring it inside to meet and greet their new companions.

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By this shall men know, that ye are my disciples.
Elder Wright, Elder Furr, Elder Duran, Elder Goode, Elder Benavides, Elder Casperson, Assistants, Elders Hann and Bowler. 
President and Sister Winder, Sister Mata, Sister Stone and Sister Smith.
Tuesday, February 9, 2016, the Idaho Boise Mission new arrivals
Sister Smith, Sister Stone and Sister Mata
"Trainers" and "Trainees"
                                                                 Office Orientation-some things never change!

           Elder Sorenson surveying the damage.

Long story short, the Elders were told that they would need to pack up and vacate the premises before transfers since we wouldn't be placing anyone in this home for a while.  

According to; "If someone asks you to vacate, you'd better pack up all of your things and go, leaving nothing behind, usually empty.
It doesn't appear that these missionaries knew the meaning of vacate! :(
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       If ye have love, one to another.
Sister Trainer Leaders, Sister Rabello and Sister Kappel
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Decorator extraordinaire, Tessa Jones, was preparing for her ward's "New Beginnings Program " in Young Women's. She decided to use the theme of Alice in Wonderland and borrowed a few of my tea pots for atmosphere.
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Okay we admit it! We aren't as young as we used to be, so in order to leap tall buildings as is sometimes required we often go to the gym. Yes even at o'dark hundred o'clock! It would be nice if we were actually able to lose some weight, but they feed the office couples at every meeting and we don't want to rude and say no thank you.
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Thursday was special training for the new Sister Trainer Leader, Sister Kappel,
and the new District Leaders.


It was decided that the Mission needed another home for Elders. After careful consideration an apartment was located and with the help of Elder Sorenson and Elder Busath they moved in on Friday.  All they needed to make their new apartment a home was a  few incidentals which we happily purchased for them at our favorite go to store,     Wal-Mart.

 Saturday, after taking our turn at cleaning the Church, we took a ride to the Ford Stadium in Nampa, Idaho and checked out the Home and Garden Show.  It was a miniature version of the Home and Garden Show often held at Cal Expo, in Sacramento, but fortunately it had everything we were looking for. 

Later in the day we had the privilege to attend the baptisms of five children in the Eto family in the Meridian Amity Stake and then joined Dave and Janie Pollmann for an early Valentine's Day dinner.

It was another great week of loving what we do and being loved!

Until next time....

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