Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8, 2016 Happy Mother's Day

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 Sister Faasee and Sister Walton graciously agreed to stop by the Mission Office on their P Day so that Sister Busath could record one of their special musical numbers.
 Brother Pence stopped by the office to say "Hi" and to announce that he was an old friend of Gary Johnson, one Elder Busath's companions in the Eastern States Mission. 
 Cinco de Mayo
Chips and salsa available for the visiting Elders, ole!
 Missionary Leadership Council
Kahlen Elizabeth Busath, 
Born May 3, 2016 at 11:49 p.m., weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19.5 inches long
(Almost a month early) A first for son, Stephen and his wonderful wife, Megan. 
Grandbaby #15, 5th granddaughter. We are blessed!
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 Always on the look out for "Meticulous Missionaries." 
Sister Christensen and Sister Busath initiated random housing inspections prior to our upcoming Zone Conference. So far the results have been surprising. Stay tuned...
 Elders Adkins, Burgess, Bean and Strickland met our challenge 
with a gleaming apartment.
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 The search continues...
 Beautiful Mother's Day flowers sent to the Mission Office 
from the Gibson-Chance family, Josh, Katie, Haylee, Lucas, Mason, Jackson, and Jill. 
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 Still getting acquainted with our new surroundings in Idaho. 
We decided to check out the food trucks at Settler's Park after work and ran into one of our son's old friends from Sacramento, Jeff Lewis and his sweet son. 
It's a small world after all.

Elder Stringham and Elder Joseph-100% obedient missionaries!  
When we said please pack up and clean prior to our arrival they did just that!
Their new home sweet home.
Saturday was a special day it's the day we got ready for transfers! 
As a result we closed down two homes, CLEANED, moved two sets of missionaries, delivered beds, and even purchased seven new pillows for our arriving missionaries 
due on Tuesday.
 A tender mercy. 
After spending the morning cleaning, packing up missionaries and dropping off two missionaries who would be spending the weekend with us we found a suspicious box sitting on our doorstep.
These amazing tulips were sent by Chad, Tracy, Charles, Thomas and William Bacchus.
 Sister Lassen, on the left, weighing her luggage in preparation 
for her departure on Saturday with four others.
 It's incredible how quickly babies change after just a few days!
               Jett excelling in T-Ball!           Shelby with her mother's curly hair!
 Okay so we may have to name a section of our Blog "Grandparent Corner".  
We simply can't resist displaying some of our favorite moments that our kids share during the course of the week, sorry.
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In closing, we would be remiss on this special day if we didn't acknowledge the love and appreciation we have for our own Mom, Dorothy, as well as express the void we feel as we think about Mom, Nancy, who was called home so many years ago.
Their sacrifice, devotion and unconditional love helped us to become the people we are today.

Happy Mother's Day!

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