Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“Be Ye Clean”

Public Service Announcement

Just me standing on "my soap box"
Please teach your children the basic ethics of “Be Ye Clean”
In the beginning…cleaning started with a stewardship even before women were created.  The Lord gave Adam a place and told him to “take care of it.”  This makes cleaning the oldest profession and note it was told to a man, contrary to a tradition we’ve all gotten too used to.  It is not a woman’s job to clean, it is “whomever maketh the mess.” (Don Aslett)

After weeks of conducting housing inspections on over 90 missionary homes I have discovered to my dismay that many of the problems we found basically stem from a lack of training.  You don’t have to see too many "deer in the headlight" looks when you ask, “ Did you clean the oven, spot clean the carpet, scrub the mold and mildew from your shower, or call the manager when the air conditioner quit working," to recognize that they simply have no idea what you are talking about.  Many are of the opinion that little elves magically appear out of nowhere and take care of these minor details. I have to admit that I’m as guilty as the next parent in thinking that sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself, rather than to take time to give adequate instructions on how to properly clean a kitchen and a bathroom, spot clean carpets, de-clutter a desk or a closet, wash a load of white clothes.  But as a Senior Missionary, I am seeing firsthand the results of not taking the time to prepare them on how to clean and maintain a home. It is not only costly $$$, and sometimes a health hazard, but can prevent the Spirit from being present.
We all know that you can not go forth from a disorganized , unclean home and declare a message of perfection to others.  Your own house has to be in order first and unfortunately these missionaries left their cleaning angel (dear old mom) at home.
So I am begging you, as you prepare your son or daughter to serve in the mission field, go away to college, or even become more helpful around your own house  PLEASE include teaching them basic cleaning skills. Introduce them to tools that will make their lives so much easier. A broom, a mop,  a vacuum cleaner, Deseret Industries, a hamper. I wish I were kidding, but I actually had more than one missionary ask me how to use a mop :)
In closing, just some words to keep in mind:
If you open it, close it

If you turn it on, turn it off!

If you unlock it, lock it

If you break it, fix it

If you can’t fix it, dump it

If you borrow it, return it

If you make a mess, clean it up

If you are done with it, put it back

If you don’t know where it belongs-ASK!
If you take my advice and take the opportunity to TEACH cleaning principles today I promise you that their Mission President will thank you, their companions will thank you and their future spouse will sing your praises.
Just saying...

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