Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't Spend Time-Utilize It!

 Success is contingent upon our effective use of the time given us.  When we stop looking backwards into the mists of our past, and craning our necks looking forward into the fog that shrouds the future, and concentrate upon doing what lies clearly at hand, then we are making the best and happiest use of our time.

Before I begin sharing with you what we have been spending our time on allow me to introduce you to the one thing that BUGS me about living in Florida.  Ta da this is Mr. Cody Cockroach.  No matter how much cleaning or spraying of insecticide, this guy just does not seem to get the message that he is not welcome here!  Bright and early Monday morning,  I walked out to the kitchen to find Cody strolling across the carpet!!!  The nice thing is he never invites his friends.  We appear to be fortunate to find just one at a time, but if you ask me one is one too many.

We got mail, and this time it was from Doug and Marili Potts!

Receiving a surprise in the mail is almost like Christmas when serving a mission.
July 4th will be even more memorable this year thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Potts!
 On Monday night the senior missionaries invited President and Sister Hall and the Medical Couple Elder and Sister Rose to join us for dinner at Macaroni Grill in Kissimmee.  It was another excuse to get together and an opportunity to say good bye to the Rose's who have been reassigned to Atlanta Georgia, to Elder and Sister Marble, Sisters Stewart and Grant who all will be released in mid July and to the Mission President and his wife who will be leaving the end of June for home.
On the left are Elder and Sister Rose, our Area Medical Couple, from Layton, Utah and on the right Elder and Sister Moline, from Greenbriar, Arkansas, who serve in the LDS Employment Services.

Next to Elder Busath Elder and Sister Marble, from Layton, Utah and across the table Sister and Elder Gebs, from Evanston, Wyoming.

Our Mission President and his wife, Garth and Sharon Hall from Rexburg, Idaho.


Elders Spry, from South Jordan, Utah Elder Prescott from Syracuse, Utah and Elder Patten, from Murray, Utah all 6'9" of him.

The "Pirate Ship" in Saint Cloud.  This house reminded me of Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.  When I first visited to complete our preliminary inspection I was horrified. Later after obviously hours of cleaning and de-cluttering the house looked completely different.  The slanted foundation was still present and the very old and very worn furniture had not moved, but it was clean and loved.  It that made all the difference in the feeling within the walls of the house

Elders Lund, from Eureka, CA and Lee from Lehi, Utah actually are just two of the four missionaries assigned to the "Pirate House'.

Sisters Pitts and Parker's home in Saint Cloud just a few miles away...

 No, queen sized beds are not the norm, but it is hard to say no to such a charitable donation. Unfortunately for the sisters twin beds are on their way soon.

 June 12, 2013 Zone Conference at the Hunter's Creek Stake Center on Wetherbee.  This Zone Conference was comprised of missionaries from Hunter's Creek, Orlando South and Cocoa Zones.

Before conference commences the missionaries are required to have their vehicles evaluated.  Windshield washer fluid is added, oil levels checked, tire pressure measured, etc.  Then it's time to catch up with old companions and friends.

Elder Stanford and his soon to depart companion Elder Cook, from Henderson, Nevada.

Sister Staley, in red, from Jackson, Idaho, is scheduled to depart on Wednesday.

Sister Kerns sharing some tall tales I expect.

Distribution of all the household goods that were needed in the various missionary apartments was next on the agenda.  Items like, mops, buckets, brooms, dust pans, garbage cans, etc.

Elder Ashby from Lincoln, Nebraska telling a tall tale.

Starting on the left Sisters Thomson from New Zealand, McLeod, Kansas, Hiatt

Sisters Sheffield, from Sandy, Utah, Allison, Bowman and and Bolton from Craig, Colorado

Celebrating the birthdays since the last Zone Conference
Elder Spry sang an opera version of "Happy Birthday"


Sister Trainer Leaders Dunford, from Tracy, CA and soon to depart Sister Ursenbach, from Calgary, Canada
  1. Sister Conger, (an Argentina Visa Waiter) Sister Mevs, from Escondito, CA and Sister and Elder Sherwood, from Kirkland, New Mexico, getting ready for their Kodak moment.

The President having fun with the missionaries Elder Untch is behind the President and Sisters Campos, Bolton and Harrison have their backs to us.(I am amazed at how many missionaries I have gotten to know and love in just a very short amount of time)

 The theme of the Conference was from the handbook Preach My Gospel
Helping Others Make Commitments:  The Door to Faith and Repentance.
Repentance involves a change of heart and a desire to forsake sin and serve God.  It involves humbly yielding to the Spirit and submitting to God's will.  It requires that people increase their commitment to live in agreement with God's will. 
Repentance requires a sincere and lasting change of thoughts, desires, habits, and actions. 
Repentance actually is a positive experience that brings joy and peace.
So instead of looking back, hoping for a better tomorrow, putting off tomorrow what we should do today,  let's use our time wisely by repenting each and every day so that we can begin to enjoy the blessings we are promised.
Make it a great day!
Until next time..................

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